Personal projects

Design samples

“Trout of Vengeance” (2017)

Personal project in Unity3D based on old game proposal to stay in touch with hands on work  like scripting (C#), 3D and 2D art (Blender3D /Photoshop) and animating (Spriter Pro).

“In this 2D platforming action packed game Player controls brave and kind of angry trout wearing his robotic costume as he fights his way through the level full of hazards and picturesque enemies, the henchmen of Dr. Mosquito.”


Old game proposal:


“Dude with jetpack”-level sample (2011)

Small level design exercise for a simple game. It was a design test for the company I can´t name but would like to thank them for allowing me to put it here.

Download: PDF file with level description
Animated walkthrought:

“Under Siege”-game proposal

Game proposal for story driven 1st person action adventure. Survive a year as a common citizen in the city under siege during not so distant future where everyone can turn both into ally or enemy.

Art samples

Mycorus character sheet (2008)

This is the character of the seer character from the Tale of a Hero game where I´ve been not only writer and designer but also artist. I did model, texture and all animations of him, having so much fun!

Ron Loo trailer (2003)

One of the older games I´ve been working on, unfortunately cancelled later on. Still I have great memories and learned a lot in the process of creating it.

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